An update from the chairman

20 May 2020

Dear Members and Friends,


I hope you are all keeping well during these challenging times.

The last week has brought some confusing messaging about the extent to which

lockdown measures are being lifted, and that applies to recreational sport as

much as any other activity.


In that context, I am writing to bring you some good news and some bad news.

This is based on the latest government guidance and further clarification we have

received from the ECB (that’s the England and Wales Cricket Board).

First the bad news. For now, it is still too soon for us to restart any form of

organised cricket matches or group training. And we still don’t know whether

we’ll be getting any of that before the end of the summer. But it’s only May so

we live in hope.

The good news is that it is now possible for one-on-one coaching to resume and

for net practice to re-start. 


Unsurprisingly, there are still a lot of limitations on these activities.

Social distancing must be respected at all times;

Only two of our four nets can be used at a time with a spare net between them.

Only two people at a time can play in the net, or more than two people if they are

all from the same household;

Hands must be washed immediately before and after using the facility;

No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball as far as it’s possible

to avoid it;

Anyone suffering coronavirus symptoms, however mild, should not use the nets

and observe government advice.

One final requirement from the ECB is that any use of the nets should be subject

to a booking system FOR PAID MEMBERS ONLY.


The Main Club Membership fees are:-

U10.  £26

11-17 years old. £51

Students £65

Young Adult (18-29)  £98

Adult members £190

0ver 65.     £120

Social Member £30.    (Parents wishing to use the nets with their Children

have to take out Social Membership to be covered by the Club Insurance)


The main Club will work out a rebate of Subs dependent upon how long the

Section is unable to play Cricket, which is obviously unknown at the moment.

The Club continues to have overheads and expenses to pay and we need to

support the main Club to keep it going in these difficult times.

Please pay the Main Club for Adults and the Cricket Section directly for Juniors

giving your childs Name as the reference. Once your money has been received

you can have access to the booking system.


Uxbridge Cricket club

Sort  Code  60-22-10

Account 65353811


There is a £5 charge per session which you will need to pay the section before

your session, this will go towards Net renovation.

Each slot is one hour with a 10 minute gap to avoid groups mixing and to allow

time to take any sanitation measures as necessary.

The ECB regulations also require that a member of Uxbridge CC is present

while the nets are being used, so this serves to emphasise that Uxbridge CC 

 cricket nets are only available for the use of members only so if you wish to use

the nets and have not yet paid your subscription for this season, please do so.

If there is a Colts season an additional levy may be charged if matches are to be


Once your subs have been paid and you wish to use the nets, a further email will

be sent with details of what to bring, when to arrive and what is expected of you

before, after and during the session. There are strict ECB guidelines that we need

to comply with and very limited Club facilities.


That’s all for now.

Please respect these facilities if you plan to use them, and enjoy.


Chris Alder

Chairman UCC