UXBRIDGE CRICKET CLUB - Colts Lockdown Training

Colts Lockdown Cricket Training

I hope you are all keeping in good health during the current lockdown situation and are managing to get some daily exercise whilst we wait for the cricket season to get underway. Hopefully, things will return to normal soon so we can start playing cricket again before the season ends.

In the meantime, to keep your cricket skill levels as sharp as possible, I will be posting drills and training links on the UCC website that you can do at home or in the garden which will help you to develop your games and your overall strength and fitness. There will also be a section where you can ask about any of the drills posted or cricket development questions that you may have.

To start with I'd like you all to recapture the skills we worked on during the winter training sessions. If you can recreate any of the skills you learnt then please continue to perfect them as best possible at home or in the garden.

Please keep checking the website for updates.

Stay safe and hopefully we will be playing cricket again soon.

Kind Regards
David Walker
Cricket Development Manager
Uxbridge Cricket Club
Tel: 07931 815 100