Members Subscription deadline

29 May 2024

Hello All,

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the season and matches so far.

We are now approaching end of May and by now most of the members should have paid their membership.

However, there are few members yet to pay their membership. Considering 1st June falls on Saturday and team selection has already taken place, we have given a leeway for this week.

From Monday 3rd June onwards paid members rule applies to all colts and senior members hence, the team selection, training and Net facilities are restricted to “Members Only”. Therefore, any unpaid members will automatically be deemed as past member and get excluded from all game selection irrespective of type of match.

If you are a social member, you can use the net facility provided you are accompanied by fully paid member (for e.g. fully paid colt and a parent as a social member).

May I kindly request those who have not yet paid their membership pay as soon as possible by filling up the membership form(Forms attached) . 

You can hand over the duly filled form to any captain or club officials or  at USC bar. Similarly, payment can be made directly into the account ( see attached details) or at USC bar.


Thank you

Rakesh Shanbhag