Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct-Players


Availability for selection

Availability is to be signified by way of the availability chart located next to the changing rooms, via the website or by contacting the team Captains by selection evenings. A blank space on the availability chart could be deemed as non-availability. Please note that the selection committee meets on Tuesday evenings at 8 o’clock therefore the deadline is 8.15pm on a Tuesday.

It is the personal responsibility of each player to advise of their own availability.

It is the personal responsibility of each player to find out where they have been selected to play. 

Advising of non-availability

In the extreme circumstances where a player has the need to call off from his previously stated availability, the reasons will be looked at very carefully and any repetition will be seen as a possible reason for non-selection or demotion to a lower team.

The notification must be given verbally to the team Captain. Texting and e-mailing is not acceptable. Failure to give reasonable notification could lead to future non-selection.

Failure to turn up on a match day without an acceptable reason when selected will be dealt with as is deemed suitable by the cricket committee.

This is essential if we are to play as a unit and failure to take selection responsibilities seriously is discourteous to your teammates who then suffer any problems that occur. This is a frequent cause of poor team morale.

Conduct on match days

The Club will not accept conduct which is less than courteous to either the umpires, the opposition and to team colleagues. Any failure to behave within reasonable bounds will be treated severely with potential suspension depending on the seriousness of the offence. This warning also applies to the transmission of offensive texts and e-mails.

If traveling directly to an away match, it is the individual players responsibility to advise the team Captain or mark the team sheet accordingly.

Non-payment of monies due 

Failure to pay subscriptions by the due date will result in a suspension from selection until the monies are duly paid.

Match fees must be paid on the day of the match unless particular dispensation is given by the Captains, in which case they will be responsible for such fees.